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Every period of the year is good for surfing on the island: the most experienced surfers tend to favor the winter months, especially between September and April, which are the ones that receive the largest swells, while in summer the waves tend to be smaller, but still fun.

The fishing season is on all round the year and the pleasant climate makes everything even better. The open sea, the blue sky and a rod in your hand with a professional angler guiding you all sums up to a splendid fishing time off. Species like the Blue Marlin, Atlantic Tuna, Barracuda, Albacore tuna and the regional favorite Needle fish all await you in these waters. The best time for Marlin and Tuna fishing spans from May to November when the water temperatures are warmer and these species are found in abundance.

Walking can be one of the best ways to enjoy nature. And go along the Canary Islands paths, one of the best ways to enjoy a landscape full of contrasts: leafy woods, volcanic plains, steep peaks, sand dunes or wild landscapes. Itineraries that guide hikers along a unique environment, which radically changes appearance in the space of a few kilometers and sometimes with many gradients. Trekking in the Canary Islands is an experience that leads far, far, physically and mentally. In addition, most of the circuits are approved, fenced and signaled by experienced personnel, equipped with all the safety measures for the tranquility of hikers of all levels.

The delightful climate and the outstanding volcanic terrain that have made Gran Canaria a leading international holiday destination, have also created the perfect setting for non-winter mountain sports. One of the most popular of these is rock climbing, which has an unexpected paradise of rocks and vertical cliffs waiting to be discovered in the island that has generated some important school sites. The constant opening of new and more difficult routes, together with the growing number of climbers and clubs give us an idea of just how fast this sport is catching on.

The natural environment which the Island of Gran Canaria offers its inhabitants and visitors make it worthy of the name “miniature continent”. There are endless alternatives for sport’s fans combining exercise with the pleasure of visiting leafy landscapes inland and spectacular coastal areas. The gentle climate which reigns throughout the Island all year is the perfect invitation to enjoy a wide variety of open air sports: trekking, rock climbing or bike routes are some of the best alternatives for tourists on the Island

Gran Canaria is an island offering a whole host of routes for bike-tourism enthusiasts and anyone who loves to be in direct contact with nature. Whether you prefer hardcore descents or long distance cycling, your bike will make the perfect companion to visit indescribable landscapes.

There are interesting scuba diving areas spread all around the coast of Gran Canaria. You can find different scuba diving schools to learn to dive and participate in organised dives without having to own your own equipment. Want to find out why so many people are addicted to scuba diving? Shake off your stress and come and discover all the magic hidden under the sea in Gran Canaria.

Dive fans will find a whole world of possibilities in Gran Canaria. The Island has volcanic origins and surprises divers with the wealth of its marine-scape and the variety and beauty of its underwater landscapes.

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