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Taste the flavors of Gran Canaria
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The cuisine of Gran Canaria, then, is a compendium of flavours from all over the world, spiced with the cultures and traditions of other peoples who have set up residence here, and made with magnificent ingredients, the fruits of both the sea around the island and the volcanic land itself.

So take time out to get to know what we call good food for great moments, the local cuisine. First take the ‘tapas’ route here called los enyesques (starters) and then move on to a good first course, perhaps a fish broth or a watercress stew.

In Gran Canaria, people come alive at night. Bright faces, lively conversation and general enjoyment are the tonic on all of the sea-front terraces, restaurants and bars. So step out and try something new in the way of good fresh food, cooked with loving care, in the great balmy outdoors with the best in company. Who could ask for anything more? Good food for great moments.

Category: Hospitality